How Much Traffic Required for AdSense Approval

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Are you struggling to get AdSense approved? Thinking of how much traffic is required for AdSense Approval. All your questions and doubts about Google AdSense and its approval and traffic is going to be cleared, So just stay connected.

In this article, We will be discussing how much traffic is required for AdSense approval and what are the best methods for quickly getting your Adsense approved.

Google AdSense is one of the best advertising networks on the internet, it has been widely used by the content creators out there. It is a well-known brand (owned by Google) with quality ads and with amazing payout.

Google AdSense is a (PPC) pay-per-click program, used on millions of websites.

Applying for an Adsense Account: Prerequisites

  • Go Through the Adsense policies to understand how Adsense works.
  • Get a custom domain name.
  • The minimum age of the domain should be 2-4 months old.
  • Quality Content
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years old
  • Having a Gmail Account: To link to Adsense Account

Is Traffic Required For AdSense Approval?

Now, you would be thinking about how much traffic would I require to get AdSense approved or if any kind of benchmark is set to get AdSense Approval.

You might be also wondering if there are any age requirements or any following required for AdSense approval

There are no such criteria for Adsense approval you don’t need to have specific traffic on your website for Adsense traffic

To get AdSense approved you don’t need to have a particular amount of traffic all you need to have is quality content where the end-user is satisfied with your content and it gives them some value.

There is no set of rules to have specific traffic for Adsense approval on a website. All you need to have is good content and with attractive-looking design for your website for better engagement of the end-user.

Have Sufficient Contents or Posts:

You should have a sufficient amount of blog posts of all categories on your website so that it’s easy when you are applying for Google Adsense and I recommend having around 20 to 30 Posts with some quality content on your website.

There should not be any blank pages on your website and the minimum words of an article should be around 500 to 600 words approximately.

Try to keep your blog post short and clean where the end-user finds it valuable and interesting.

Apply Using Root Domain:

If you want fast Adsense approval for your new blog always choose the than any extension, or subdomain.

Choose an Excellent design and Blog Structure:

Blog structure plays a very important role in AdSense approval. So do make sure you have a clean-looking header, content area, footer, sidebar, and so on.

As you have heard the first impression is the last impression. So do make sure the user would love your design of the website, the way it functions, and the writing style of your content mattress a lot.

If the user loves your website then it’s obvious Google would love to.

Check if Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google:

After all, setting up the website and writing content to designing your website, Now comes the checking of your domain in the search engine is it blocked by Google or not make sure you do check this.

If you don’t know how do you check. Simply Just search for “” on Google. If you find out search results, your blog is not blocked. But, if you do not, it is blocked.

Dont Use Adsense Violating Content:

Google AdSense have clearly said that use of adult content, drug-alcohol content, copyrighted contents gambling, hacking and cracking content would not be approved.

How to Apply For AdSense?


I hope you understood the overall scenario of the AdSense Approval

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