How To Start A Blog In 2022 !

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Hello folks, how are you doing? Wondering how to start blogging? Yes, of course, then you are at the very right place dude.

That’s Super Cool 🙂

As we have Learnt how to start a blog on our initial day of blogging and it’s the best decision we ever made…!

Blogging is so amazing as you can leave luxury life and fulfill your dreams.

It can change your life in a few years of span.

Learning and developing blogging helps you grow with new techniques with good skills in writing and sharing your thoughts.

If you wanna build your blogging career you have to consider blogging as a business.

What is Blog and Why should start a blog?

A regularly updated web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style is basically known as a blog.

People usually get confused about knowing what is a blog and a website, let me clear your thought.

Blogs need chronic updates. Good examples of this include a food blog sharing meal recipes or a company writing about their industry news.

Blogs also promote reader engagement. Readers have a chance to comment and voice their different concerns and thoughts to the community. Blog owners update their sites with new blog posts on a regular basis.

Well, On the other hand, websites usually consist of the content presented on static pages.

Static website admin rarely updates their pages. It’s a kind of tool website which is built through pure coding skills.

So let me know what are the steps you need to follow to start a profitable blog:-

Step 1. Choose Your “Perfect” Blog Niche

So, Choosing a perfect niche which is very important and crucial in starting your blogging journey and making it profitable.

You have to look for a niche or particular subject you’re willing to explore and at the same time you have the feel of writing your content, Because blogging is all about how you express and make it a long conversation in your content and writing.

That’s how it is ….!

Make sure you do research on a topic you are choosing. And start with it.

It’s a saying that ” YOU WON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU START

Let’s know about different niches:-

Types of Niches?

1. Multi-Niche Blog

2. Niche Blog

Micro Niche Blog

Sub Niche Blog

1. Multi-Niche Blog:-
Well, the keyword multi niche itself defines the niche which is based on multi topics and categories.

Look at the example below:-

source image:

As you can in the is a multi-based niche website on different topics and categories.

I would suggest if you want to start this kind of website based on multi niches, you should have a team of at least 3- 4 members.

In this multi-based niche, you need to spend a lot of time and share many blog posts on a daily frequent basis.

2. Niche Blog:-
A niche blog is basically a particular single industry your write about and shares your experience.

If we go deeper into niche blogs:- Niche ► Sub Niche ► Micro niche

Let’s say you are passionate about sports so your main niche is sports but if you wanna know about sub-niche or micro niche.

Then under sports, you can cover different sports and different teams.

Or Any other sports.

Or you wanna find the micro niche in this category would be :
a micro niche is basically writing on a very particular topic.
► Writing only about a single topic: like India ( cricket )
► Writing only about a single topic: like manchester united (football)
► Writing only about a single Topic: Javelin throw

The main purpose is you gotta drill down and makes it very specific about the topic you choose and write about it. You know what I’m saying … I Hope it’s clear and simple.

Brainstorm To Find Your Niche or Ideas

Some of the niches and ideas which can Brainstorm you.

So let’s keep it very easy. Take a pen and paper

Don’t worry do take it … it is gonna clear your vision and mind.

It’s perfect that you write down all the niches or topics.

It can be related to your hobbies and interest like Sports, Travel, a Relationship guide and so on…!

Let me brief you on niches and topics you can opt:-

1. Entertainment
2. News
3. Education
4. Finance
5. Legal
6. Tech
7. Beauty and Fashion
8. Lifestyle
9. Home Decor
10. Insurance
11. Investing
12. Gaming
13. Coding
14. Facts
15. Pets
16. Healthy Diet
17. Digital Marketing
18. Business

As you can select the niche which you picked the most from the list.

Step 2. Choose Your “Domain” name for your blog

Choosing a domain name is very important because your blog will be recognized by your domain name.

Keep the domain name short and catchy.

Make sure it’s relatable to the niche you have selected.

And before your purchase, your domain name does research for it.

A domain name is basically your website name or identity. Where you build your brand name and your online business.

In this process there 2 things you need to understand and know what is the 
www and. com

Let me illustrate with an example: As the site, Where www – is the subdomain and called as world wide web and Instagram is the website name or brand, and then .com is your extension.

HTTPS:// ► is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
www  ► subdomain
BuildandShine ►  Domain name
.com ► extension

Few tips before buying a domain name:-

1. Stick with the .com domain extension

There are many new extensions available in the market but the ultimate king of extensions is always a . com extension.
It’s really very important that you do stick with it. com domain 

2. Keep it short and Classy

It’s very cool when the names our short and classy when to spell and heard. Make sure you choose a name that is short and clear.

3. Brandable and Unique Name

As you can see the most popular companies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram has unique and brandable names.

4. Avoid Hyphens 

Avoid Hyphens in the domain name you choose. It’s hard to remember the domain with Hyphens.
So please do avoid Hyphens.

5. Try to put your keyword in your domain

Make sure you add a keyword to a domain name. It’s very important in ranking your domain and SEO benefits.
It makes your work very easy and clean with keywords in the domain name.

6. Do not delay in buying the best domain

As you finish selecting your domain, do not delay in buying your domain because a lot of people might have been searching the domain you choose.

Buying a domain name

So you would have decided your domain name according to your niche.

Let’s guide you step by step to buy a domain name from nameCheap in affordable price .

As my domain and hosting is purchased by namecheap and hosted in namecheap itself. So i would recommend you to go with nameCheap, Because its in affordable price and with good value .

Step 1 : Click here to check out with nameCheap domain names .

.COM for just $6.98 at Namecheap

Step 2: Type your domain name in the search box and Namecheap will show you the results.

As you find your domain name available then you are on a roll.

And then purchase your domain but do sign in and remember your password.

It was that simple to pick your domain and start the flow of your blogging journey.

Step 3. Choose a “Web Hosting” for your blog

Buying a web hosting

We are done with the domain, Now it’s web hosting and we have to choose the best hosting which fulfills our needs.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service provider that allows you to publish your website files, images, and audio onto the internet. So, anyone who has access to the internet has access to your website.

As there are a lot of web hosting providers in the internet world. But selecting the best one out of many would be a tough task.

But doing a lot of research and knowing the blogger’s opinion.

I must say here are some of the best web hosting providers on the internet:

► DigitalOcean
► GoogleCloud
► NameCheap
► Hostinger
► Bluehost

So we have chosen the best out on the internet.

If you are a beginner I would recommend you can go with NameCheap and Hostinger. It’s really worth it as it managed WordPress hosting.

On the other hand, if you have coding knowledge, then you can go with google cloud and Digitalocean it’s usually cloud hosting and worth taking. It can handle millions of traffic with ease.

So we have decided to give you a complete setup of a WordPress blog through NameCheap Hosting.

Why Choose NameCheap?

As it’s very affordable for the newbies who are entering in blogging field.

And can handle a decent amount of traffic and can be upgradeable.

As Namecheap is a very reputed company and it’s very famous for domains.

You can opt to take a trial of Namecheap web hosting for 30 days.

Build your website!

NameCheap hosting step by step guide for purchase

Let’s get started with the buying process: Click here

Do sign in with Namecheap before your purchase your web hosting.

► Click the See pricing banner will redirect you to the pricing section.

Namecheap hosting plans :

As it has 3 plans with different features.

EasyWP Starter
► EasyWP Turbo
► EasyWP SuperSonic

I would suggest you go with the EasyWP SuperSonic plan because it has fantastic features. You can choose a monthly or Yearly mode of payment but do go with a yearly one, as it gives you a discount if you choose a yearly.

EasyWP SuperSonic features :

✔️ 100 GB SSD storage
✔️ 500k visitors/month
✔️ 2x more CPU
✔️ 2x more RAM
✔️ Free CDN NEW
✔️ Free SSL NEW
✔️ Easy backups and restores
✔️ Safe and secure
✔️ Easy-to-use dashboard
✔️ SFTP Files Access
✔️ Automatic Updates
✔️ Uptime peace of mind

Best Hosting for Beginners to Start a New Blog in 2021 At a very affordable price

After choosing your Hosting Click Select and, proceed with the payment.

You can pay through different payment options available :

After you confirm payment and there you go.

Hurray Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a hosting and the domain name is already purchased with Namecheap. You have crossed the mighty stop on your way to start your blog.

So now it’s time to set up your blog and make it live.

Step 4: Set up Your WordPress Blog

After you purchase a hosting the next step is you will be redirected to EasyWP dashboard for the setup of the website.

You have to click on the button on the top right side New website

New Website

After you select a new website you will have to name your website and proceed further.

After you select your website name next you have to link your domain name

If your have purchased a domain name from NameCheap then select your domain on Namecheap, If not select your domain provider .

After the domain name setup, you will take it to your WordPress dashboard.

As you have logged in to your WordPress dashboard

Now, Let’s Get started Customizing Your Blog and making the website live.

But before that if you wanna know how to log in to your WordPress dashboard through the backend.

To login Into any WordPress Back-end, you have to put /wp-admin after your domain address.

For example, your website is so, you have to type every time, you login into WordPress. Is that clear ..!!

Find Your WordPress Login URL

Enter your email address and password for WordPress dashboard login.

And then you will be taken to WordPress Dashboard where will customize the website.

Step 5: Set up Your WordPress Theme and Plugins

Well after successfully login into the WordPress dashboard you have to go set up a theme that is very catchy and attractive to the eyes.

As in the WordPress theme section, you will find unlimited themes which our free.

If you are willing to spend a few more bucks trust me your website is gonna look dope and classy.

Let me share with you the top themes which our free and as well as paid.

And don’t have to worry all these themes are very lightweight.

1. GeneratePress: The very much recommended theme for every newbie, as it is the most lightweight theme present on WordPress.

2. Affiliate Booster: The dope theme for affiliate marketing and niche blog. In this theme, you find amazing features and sections for designing the blog. I would recommend trying out this theme with the paid version.

3. Astra Pro: Astra is very much suitable for all kinds of websites, and is well fit for both blog and Ecommerce websites.

3. OceanWP Pro: It’s perfect for products or kind shops for eCommerce websites.

Now got to Appearance>Themes>Add New.

WordPress Web Design: 9 Steps To Plan A Perfect Project

I would personally recommend you to go with GeneratePress or Affiliate Booster.

Essential Plugins

Security Plugin: Jetpack And Akismet Anti Spam

On Page SEO Plugin : Yoast SEO Or RankMath

Wordfence Security – It’s very good for security and safety because safety is important. It helps the blog not get hacked and malware attacks

XML Sitemaps –  To submit the sitemap of your website so that have a better ranking SEO benefit.

UpDraft Plus: For Website Backup Plugin. It’s very crucial that you use this plugin for the backup of your content.
Flexible SSL for Cloudflare

Ad Inserter ~ For inserting your ads.

Step 6: Write and Publish Your SEO-friendly First Blog Post

We have made all the changes and customized the blog.

Now, let’s move further and post our first post.

As I mentioned to you it’s that simple.

You can easily do that By the Posts Add New Tab.

What is the Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WordPress

And there you go with your lovely post explore and write your content here.

Do a bit of keyword research and initially go with long tail keywords for better ranking and SEO benefit.

As long tale keywords have a better chance of ranking.

You can try out google key planner and keywords Everywhere for finding the volume of the keyword.

In this, you will get a clear vision and better understanding.

After your complete writing, your post is then published your post.

As we are done with content writing. Usually writing good SEO posts takes time and effort . Do research on a topic you write about.

Step 7: Promote Your Blog To Get Instant Traffic

After all the processes from start to end, it’s very important that you promote your blog on different social networks to get instant traffic to your website.

As it’s a new website so it’s crucial to get instant traffic because if no traffic then it’s no use.

After your write, your first post does promote on another social network.

Do this on every post you publish. Which is very good and very much needed.

Let us know on which social platform we must share our website.

As social media platforms are best for promoting and getting initial traffic to the blog we established.

Facebook:- Well, After all the process of setting up your website is done and the next important step is to create a FB page and group where you can interact with the bloggers and build your brand.

Twitter:- As its very much a trending platform Twitter, do create and share your blog post and your niche-related content and get initial traffic to the blog.

Youtube:- So the dopest platform for your content is youtube, where you can huge traffic and build your brand

As video content is consumed more than text content and video content has a great future.

So do go with youtube and build your brand.

Quora: I must tell you for instant traffic to your blog post for initial traffic.

If ur not using then you’re missing a lot of initial traffic to your blog.

Instagram: The hottest social media platform is Instagram. Do share your content and get instant traffic.

If you want to explore more you can give try, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Step 8: Ways to Monetize your blog

Ways to Monetize your blog:- Now the most important segment is how to make money from your blog and earn money.

There are many ways to monetize your blog and earn money.

Let me know what the concepts: are-

Ad Network :

The very much known concept of earning money is through ad networks. There are different ad networks available in the market. But the most used is Google Adsense and it’s owned by Google.

The different ad networks like, Taboola, Infolinks, Popads, and many more.

Affiliate Marketing:-

So the very much amazing to earn money online is affiliate marketing because in this you don’t need a lot of traffic.

Less quality traffic is enough to generate money in this concept.

If you wanna earn a lot of money through google Adsense you need huge traffic to generate a decent amount of money but in affiliate marketing, less quality traffic is very much enough for a decent amount of money.

Selling Products and Services:-

You can sell your products and services through blogging.

In this process, you have to do very good SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Which will help you to rank your post and get a better result.


As your blog gets famous and builds good authority you would probably get sponsorship.

Many companies are ready to spend money on sponsorship.

In single Sponsorship, you will get 100 Dollars.

Selling Your Blog:-

Selling your blog is the most amazing concept to earn a huge amount but for that, your blog must earn a decent amount with a good authority build.

Let’s say your site earns 1000$ a month then you can sell for 10000$.

To sell your blog you need to maintain your blog authority. How old is your website?

Faqs question on How to Start a Blog in 2021


Well, let me clear you the blogging concept is not as easy as you think like starting a blog and start earning.

It’s actually your Hardwork dedication and consistency that is the main key to this blogging career.

Do understand it takes time. Give your heart and soul and grow it as a passion.

Take your time and not rush with it.

Do read the article carefully and start your blog.

Do share this article if you find it Useful. Your every share matters us a lot.

Thank you 

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