How to add custom css in WordPress Website

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How to add custom css in WordPress !!!!

Themes nowadays comes with an variety of designs, layouts and functionality with easy customizations . But in order to add your custom css of your kind of design and look .

For that you have to add custom css . Its very simple to add custom css to wordpress website

But for adding custom css to the blog you need to have little bit of css knowledge – ( cascading style sheet ). Its not that hard to add custom css .

Lets know how to add and where our the options to add css .

To get to this option, navigate to “Appearance” and then “Customize” in the WordPress admin.

After Clicking Customize , you will be taken to new window and there you can customize your theme and can custom css .

Finally, Here you can add your CSS to further customize your theme.

Once you’re done with adding your custom CSS, click Publish “And There You Go ” .

So, yeah it was that simple and easy to add css in your wordpress website .

NOTE: Well, If you opt to decide to use the custom css and then you want to change themes in the future, so you gotta make sure you copy the CSS , Because the css you use cant be used in new theme as this option only saves the CSS for the currently active theme.

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