How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger

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How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger | Add Google domains Name to Blogger

Hello, Everyone 😍

In this article we are going to talk about how to add custom domain to blogger with google domains .

Its very simple and easy to add an domain to google domains . As you know google domains is itself google’s and has the best with affordable price .

Lets Get Started:-

Well, As a newbie whos’s started with an blogger (free blogging platform) might need to setup a custom domain, would be little tricky but its very simple to complete this process .

Step 1 : Login into your Blogger account

Login in to your blogger account .

Step 2 : Click on “Settings” .

Go to settings and the scroll down to Publishing

Step 3 : Go to Custom domain

Step 4 : Go to domain provider ( Google Domains )

In your domain provider go to Dns – Domain Naming System .

You need to add 4 A records which goes like this :-





Add 4 A record and host name keep it @ .

You need to add 2 CNAME which goes like this :-

To get a CNAME go to your blogger setting and add your domain

Note: Do not touch Google Domains by default DNS records.

As we told its that simple to add custom domain to your blogger and start a blog .

Conclusion :

Just calm your mind and do it peacefully .

As we told its that simple to add custom domain to your blogger and start a blog .
Do read the article carefulluy and setup your custom domain name .

Do Share this article if you find it Useful . Your every share matters us allot .

Thank you 😍

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