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Are you wondering what is RPM in Adsense and how you calculate it?

If you have been observing your AdSense revenue reports, you will notice that it shows a metric known as Page RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions).

And It’s different from CPM.

RPM does not give the exact earnings but provides you with an approximation.

What is Page RPM in AdSense?

Google AdSense RPM is a metric that follows the revenue per thousand impressions from advertising on publisher websites.

RPM Formula:

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

RPM=(Estimated earnings / Number of page views)x1000


If your blog has earned $0.20 from 30 page views then the RPM is calculated as below:

RPM= (0.10/40)x1000


What is a Good RPM Adsense?

The average RPM for AdSense ranges significantly depending on your niche, quality of the website, traffic source, and many more things.

It all depends on your niche and the keywords you target.

For some niche blogs, an RPM of $5+ is considered a good one.

Well, there are some cases where an RPM of even $150 has been reported for extremely high CPC niche blogs having high CTR (Click Through Rate).

And few people get an RPM of less than $1.

What is CTR in Google AdSense?

CTR is basically click-through rates that differ broadly for different kinds of websites. Your ad clicks depend on a lot of factors like your website’s niche, your audience, ad placement on your website, and so on.

The ideal CTR for Google AdSense is really hard to explain because you don’t have access to the click rates of other websites like your own.

Google AdSense has built-in tools that will start showing you messages if your site is not getting a good CTR.

You can follow the optimization guides shown inside the Google AdSense dashboard to improve your ad revenue.

How can you increase RPM in Adsense?

Simple tips for improving the earnings

  • Use the right ad sizes and position
  • Block the unrelated ads.
  • Focus on search traffic
  • Use only recommended ad size formats
  • Target high-quality keywords
  • Work on high paying niche
  • Publish quality content:
  • Be consistent in publishing the content:


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