How to setup NameCheap domain to blogger?

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As we create new website we should know how to to set up domain name to our blog . In this article I’m going to talk about how to setup NameCheap domain to blogger . Well, Its quite easy to setup NameCheap domain to blogger with following steps mentioned below .

As a newbie its little confusing to set up custom domain in namecheap but don’t have to worry , I am here to guide you and help you setup your Namecheap domain to blogger . Let’s get started :-

As we go further make sure you have purchased your domain name with NameCheap , if not go and purchase your domain and then follow these simple steps mentioned below .

After purchasing your domain name from namecheap , you just have to go to your dashboard . Now click to manage button from the dashboard on the domain left side. See below image and follow instructions for better understanding .

After clicking to manage button, you will be taken to next page and then click Advanced DNS Option :

Now comes the main part to be completed the setting up of your domain with adding different records . Initially you need to add four A records and two CNAME records and it will be pointed to different Google IPS .

Add Four A Records :

Check out the image shown below for clear understanding :-

Now go to your blogger dashboard and you need to add your custom domain. Got to settings option and then go to publishing and click custom domain and add your domain name with www. your domain name .com

But after you enter your name , you will get a box showing how to add CNAME records to your domain provider .

Now you need to copy two CNAME records and paste it on your namecheap Advance DNS :

Add new Records using type of CNAME Record. Check out the image below .

After completing you can check your blog is live with your domain name, If not wait for 5 or 10 minutes for your blog to be live . In case its not live do check whether you have done any mistake and read my article carefully for better understanding .

Your finally done with setting up your namecheap domain name to blogger in this few steps as I mentioned you it’s that easy to setup your domain .

Conclusion :-

I have explained you to setup your domain . So, hopefully its very helpful for new bloggers out there, who find it hard to setup their domain .

Do read the article carefully .

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