Static vs Dynamic Website: What Is the Difference?

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In this article we are going to talk about Static vs Dynamic Website: What Is the Difference?

Which is more better to start at the initial level and what our the possibilities . Will discuss in detail .

Lets Get Started :-

In the online world website are are separated into two different topic (concepts) which is Static and dynamic website . No matter what ever website you visit it can be of two concept .

In this guide is a differentiation between static and dynamic websites.

By reading this article thoroughly, you will learn and know the distinguish between static and dynamic websites and decide which type is right for you. And which to start as a newbie.

Before getting into details about each website type, you should understand how the Internet works . Internet communication involves a server and a web browser.

Web browsers and servers communicate using IP. HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the standard application protocol on top of IP supporting web browser requests and server responses. Web browsers also rely on DNS to work with URLs.

To setup a connection between the two, a set of rules called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used. Simply put, the web browser transmits an HTTP request to the server, and the server then replies with an HTTP response along with the requested webpage in HTML. That’s How it is !!

What is a static website?

Static websites are the one which are fixed and basically developed with HTML CSS and JavaScript in this static website the content is fixed or same. The user reads the content which is already present on the webpage the same content without any Dynamic content or server is basically known as static website .

As the Static website is Published(developed), the content stays same and doesn’t reflect changes in user actions. If you want to edit or make a change , you must manually edit the HTML source code on every page that’s part of your static website. This can be very time-consuming, especially if you’re updating a big website.

Advantages of static websites


  • Do it Yourself .
  • Its More Secure .
  • Less Time Consuming .
  • Easy To Rank on search engine .
  • Cost less to Develop .
  • It’s easier to get back a static website after a crash or DDoS attack by redeploying the codebase.
  • You can handle multiple static sites .
  • Build an eco-system of static websites .
  • Good Profitablitiy .


  • Making an change or editing the content can be little hard
  • Changing the total design can be time consuming .
  • User interaction is less .

What is a Dynamic website ?

dynamic website or dynamic web page contains information that changes, depending on the user interaction . The dynamic website is more functional . Dynamic website usually requires knowledge of a server-side programming language like PHP, C#, or Python.

Dynamic websites process requests and typically pull in content from an external database or a content management system (CMS).

A dynamic website can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to generate the changing content or a combination of both scripting types. These sites also include HTML programming for the basic structure.

With server-side scripting, scripts are run on the server that hosts the pages. The process for how the page is built is determined by parameters defined in the server-side scripting.


  • Amazing functionalities
  • Super user interactions
  • Users Can adjust the content.
  • Easily Adjustable than Static Website .
  • Display Content on User Requirements .


  • Expensive
  • Design Limitations
  • Creating a database connections is more expensive than a static website.

What are the main differences between static and dynamic websites?

The main difference between static and dynamic website is that the content of static website stays the same unless and until the programmer changes the source code . And on the other hand dynamic website content changes on frequent basis depending on the user’s interactions . For example, a news site may have many different news-reporters who can submit stories. With scripts, the company can automatically update the home page to contain those stories without relying on someone to edit a static HTML page each time a new story and page is added. That’s how the dynamic website works .

Static website can be cached for long time as we know its build with HTML CSS and JS . So when you visit any single page site or static website the website gets cached in your web-browser and when you visit again the pages loads fast and renders from browser .

But the dynamic website is totally different as its build with server-side programming language . When you visit the dynamic website the content loads from the server to the database and the displays to the user . It can take very much processing power and you need good hosting to setup a dynamic website .

Example : WordPress sites and other CMS solutions make it easier for anyone to have a website without knowing a lot about HTML or programming. Once created, the user(s) can create pages using an online editor and post them online using the CMS. In contrast, a static website would require that the user create the page in an HTML editor.

Which is Better Option to Start With ?

As we have discussed the key point of both static and dynamic websites. So both have and different prospective concept off making and progressing with the site if you are a beginner level a newbie better you go with and dynamic website with the help of WordPress which is gonna be very helpful, as you go further and learn about coding and building sites, then it would be better to opt for static or dynamic tool sites . As static website involves coding and technical skill to handle and maintain .

Examples of Static Site:

  • HTML pages
  • Tools Websites – Calculators, Converters and Many More . Build with Only HTML CSS AND JS .
  • Informative Content
  • Static online forms

Examples of dynamic Site:

  • Dynamic Tool Website – Build with Php and different server side coding language.
  • WordPress Website – Easy To Handle without Much Coding Skill
  • Blog
  • Downloaders (software, spreadsheets, documents)


I have explained you the difference between Static vs Dynamic Website .

Do read the article carefully . If you have any doubt do ask me . You can Comment down below .

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