Point Your Namecheap domain to Hostinger Name Servers 2022

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Hello Everyone, how are you doing? Welcome to build and Shine. In this article, you will learn How to Point a Domain Name from NameCheap to Hostinger.

With simple steps, you can set up your domain.

If you have purchased hosting from Hostinger and your domain is hosted on the name Namecheap. This article is helpful for you in terms of pointing out your domain name.

Let’s get started:-

Point a Domain Name from NameCheap to Hostinger.

Follow the few steps given below:-

Log in to Namecheap Account

After you log in go to your dashboard. Now click on to manage button from the dashboard on the domain’s left side. See the below image and follow the instructions for a better understanding.

Scroll down to the NAMESERVERS option.

Change Name Servers

As you can see in the below image it has two nameservers pointing to Cloudflare. But we need to change it and point to Hostinger nameservers.

You just need to copy the two Hostinger nameservers and paste them into the Namecheap custom DNS.

Then click the green tick to proceed.

It will show you a message saying the DNS server update may take up to 48 hours to take effect.

So, after your domain is connected to Hostinger you can set up your website.


How to Point a Domain Name from NameCheap to Hostinger

You can easily point your domain name to Hostinger.

It’s a simple and easy process to connect your domain name.

We have tried our best to explain How to Point a Domain Name from NameCheap to Hostinger.

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