How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: Ultimate Guide (2022)

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Hello folks, how are you doing? Wondering how to learn keyword research for your blog or for your business? Yes, of course, then you are at the very right place dude.

When starting your blog or online business, keyword research is the first step in search engine optimization.

To scale your online business and build authority you need to do very strong keyword research.

Keywords research helps you brainstorm fascinating content ideas, understand what your audience needs, optimize your social posts, and a lot more stuff.

Keyword research is the basis of your search engine optimization and paid search marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will go through the concept of SEO – keyword research.

we will be covering:-

  1. What is Keyword research?
  2. What is the importance of Keyword research?
  3. Types of Keyword research ?
  4. How to perform Keyword research?

Let’s get started!

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words and phrases that users type into search engines, like Google, to find the content they want.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is basically the process of discovering popular words, and phrases in search engines like Google, where the people intend to type or want a solution to any problem.

Keyword research helps businesses understand the search purpose better.

Let me illustrate:-

when you are in search of a solution to any problem and you intend to use a search engine like “Google” to provide you an answer for your particular keywords (queries) in google.

We expect the search engine “Google” to give us a solution within the first page of the search, which is also known as SERP (Search engine results page).

You can get a particular keyword search volume by using different  SEO tools and can analyze and perform on your website.

The more the competition associated with a particular keyword, the more difficult it is for a web page to rank for that keyword on the first page of Google.

Initially, you can work on long-tail keywords associated with the main keyword.

Let us go through this with an example:

Let’s say a boy who started to learn guitar “uses the query“ “Best guitar classes” in Google search, to find the best guide.

best guitar classes:-

when you search on Google for a particular keyword Google itself gives you frequent queries to help it better and get the best results of our searched question.

You can also include questions in the “People Also Ask” section of the results page as keywords in themselves.

Well, depending on the location, and his understanding, he will stick with his query, or perhaps pick one that is suggested by Google.

The best thing about search engines is it keeps a log of how many times these queries are being asked by millions of users around the globe.

The method of keyword research shows the most popular query, along with geo-location, and the number of times these queries have been asked within a specific time.

The solution ultimately helps business owners to drive more targeted traffic from search engines, which converts into direct sales, ad sales, or even affiliate sales.

With a little preparation, you could drive significant traffic to your blog or business and hence make the most out of your hard work.

That’s how it works.

Well, as we have searched the term best guitar classes in Google. Now you want the search volume for this keyword and have exact data.

With the help of Google keyword planner, you can target a specific location for a particular keyword you looking for.

As you can see in the above image I have searched the term best guitar classes in Google ads and I have got a search volume of around 100-1K.

So approximately it can be around 500-600 search volumes for the keyword. Now as you got the keyword volume you can plan and analyze it according to your strategies.

Google Keyword Planner:-

Google Keyword planner is a free keyword research tool. You can use this free tool to find new keywords related to your business and the volume of the particular searched keywords.

What is the importance of Keyword research?

keyword research is a very much important factor in which we can understand what the audience is looking for and get the exact search volume for the particular search query and provide value to the users.

Keyword research can tell you what keywords users are searching for, and the competitiveness of those keywords, and help guide your content marketing plan to increase organic search visibility, rankings, and traffic.

Keyword research helps your business in the following ways:-

  • Keyword research can guide you with vital information, such as where you rank for particular keywords.
  • You can get to know which keywords are easy to rank and which are hard to rank, and which keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Keyword research can tell you what people are searching for, rather than what you think they are searching for.
  • By doing keyword research for your blog, you can find trending keywords for your blog.
  • You can see which language they are using when looking for your products and services.
  • You can find keywords with high search volume or high CPC
  • Study your competitors
  • Free SEO traffic if you have done it right.
  • Discover new keyword ideas.

How Keyword research could benefit you?

keyword research helps you to understand your audience and analyze the keywords according to the data and plan with it.

You can improve your content quality by adding top searched terms and driving traffic to your blog or business.

Different types of Keywords

I have a list of a few types of keywords that I have shortlisted and researched a lot before explaining to you where people intend to search and want to explore around.

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Short-tail keywords
  • Mid-tail keywords
  • Exact match keywords
  • Locational keywords
  • Transactional keywords

Long-tail keywords:-

Long tail keywords are long keywords, particularly targeting selected audiences. They have a limited search volume. But it is easier to rank on these keywords because it has limited search volume.

An example of a long tail keyword would be: How to stop leg cramps immediately home remedies

Short-tail keywords:-

Short tail keywords are short and popular keywords with one or two words, particularly targeting broader audiences. They have a huge search volume. But it is competitive to rank on these keywords because it has a high search volume.

An example of a Short tail keyword would be: Leg cramps

mid-tail keywords:-

Mid-tail keywords are between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords, particularly targeting minor audiences. They have a higher conversion.

Exact match keywords:-

Exact match keywords are keywords that completely match all of the keywords in the search query, exactly as entered. They have a decent search volume.

Locational keywords:-

Locational keywords are the keywords that are targeting certain locations that people search for when looking for local products and services. An example would be: “Cake shop near me“.

Transactional keywords:-

Transactional keywords are keywords that customers use to find the services or products they are looking to buy. Transactional keywords usually contain words such as “Buy,” “Purchase,” etc.

What do you need for Keyword research?

what do you need to perform keyword research? I personally follow a set of rules and recommend you to do the same that can be very helpful in terms of keywords research.

Here are the following things for performing Keyword research:

  • You need a tool (Free or Paid) for researching keywords.
  • Brainstorm ‘seed’ keywords.
  • Now, make a list of seed keywords relevant to your business.
  • You can use tools to find specific keywords within each topic
  • Create a document in excel and analyse the seed keywords with different sub keywords

As shown in the above image I have got many other keywords related to guitar classes. Where at the beginning I had given example of guitar classes.

So, this is how you drop down your main keyword into different sub-keywords and plan according to a strategy.

Best SEO keyword research tools

Keywords research is essential, but without tools, it would be hard to understand and get the exact data of any keywords.

keyword research tools:- You can analyze different keywords through these tools for better understanding and SEO strategies.

Here are a few handpicked SEO tools for keyword research. Some of them are free and some paid. So you can choose according to your convenience.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is Google’s tool for finding new keywords to exact the volume of your keyword. You have to set up your billing then you can look forward to using the Google keyword planner.

As Google keyword planner tool is designed with PPC ads in mind. You can find new keywords, words, websites, and different blog niches.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most finest keyword research tools present in the online market for all-in-one tool providing a large range of features. From SEO and PPC research to Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

In short, SEMrush will help you boost your overall SEO results.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most used keyword research tools on the online market.

It helps you analyse why your competitors are ranking so high, and what you need to do to outrank them in search results.

4. keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a premium chrome extension that helps you with Keyword Research. It shows you monthly search volume, CPC & competition of a keywords.

5. Google Search Console :-

Google Search Console is a platform by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites

Google search console is an excellent free tool for us website owners out there to analyze the data and keywords.

As it gives you a lot of information that’s very important for SEO strategies, It shows things like what keywords your website ranks for, Which position you rank in for those related keywords, and how frequently users are clicking your search result after typing in specific queries or keywords.


Keyword research is an initial stage and an important factor for ranking fast and better the SEO of your website.

Choose the right targeted keywords for your blog. Make sure to learn how to do keyword research before working on any SEO strategy. 

We have tried our best to explain the Concept of Keyword research.

You can now practically start your keyword research journey.

Do read the article carefully. If you have any doubt do ask me. You can Comment down below.

Do share this article if you find it useful. Your every share matters to us a lot.

Thank you, Keep Shining😍

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