GeneratePress Review 2022 – The Fastest WordPress Theme

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Hello Folks, how are you doing! Welcome to Build and Shine, Are you finding difficulties in choosing the best WordPress theme for your website?

If yes I will give you a valid review of why the GeneratePress is the Fastest and most efficient theme used by many bloggers and digital creators out there.

As I’m using GeneratePress on my website for six months and it’s very fast and quick in loading.

I would be giving my genuine honest review of how this theme has helped in making my website better and enhancing my loading speed.

As we start our blog the most important thing is a theme that is lightweight and fast loading.

It plays a vital role in structuring our website look and adding enormous features to it.

If you choose a bad theme that isn’t lightweight, mobile-friendly, or SEO Optimized for better ranking. It will be harder to rank.

I have tried out many different themes for my blog but GeneratePress is amazing.

Let’s have brief learning and understanding about GeneratePress.

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a multi-purpose excellent theme which is developed by Tom Usborne. It has both free and paid versions.

You can use the theme to create a blog, create a business website, and portfolio site, and build an eCommerce site using the Woocommerce plugin, but all these functionalities are present in the premium version of GeneratePress.

You can create any kind of website using this theme.

GeneratePress downloads per day graph:-

As the graph shows the downloads per day according to data.

It is one of the most generous themes loved by every individual who uses WordPress.

It has a variety of features to customize your website and make it more attractive.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Generatepress theme review

generatepress theme review

Key Features

  • Easy to setup
  • Fast and secure
  • Theme Size Less than 30kb
  • Quick Loading Speed
  • SEO-friendly
  • Secure and Stable
  • Pre-made Starter templates
  • Modular design
  • Hook system
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Mobile-friendly

According to WordPress.Org, it has around 4,077,093+ Active Installations and is Trusted by 90,000+ happy customers.

It has Over 1294+ 5-star reviews on

Well, this was a very quick short piece of information on the GeneratePress theme.

Generatepress comes with two variations in the theme one is the free version the other is the premium version.

GeneratePress Free Vs GeneratePress Premium addon Plugin

The GeneratePress theme comes with basic functionalities and with limited features are available in the free version but when you try the premium version you get a variety of features and functionalities to use in exploring your website and that’s the main functionalities of Generatepress you can create multiple websites and design according to your need.

The Premium version of the GeneratePress can be activated using the plugin called GP Premium.

After you install the plugin and enter the license, you get access to these additional features.

Let’s discuss the differences between free and premium GeneratePress theme features:-

PriceFREE$59/year or $249/lifetime
UsageUnlimited500 websites
Layout ControlAdvancedBasic
Mobile Friendly✔️✔️
Access to the Site Library✔️
Menu Plus✔️
Editable Copyright✔️
Woocommerce Integration✔️
SEO Friendly✔️✔️
Editing Blog page✔️
Editing Backgrounds✔️
Secondary Navigation✔️
LinkDownload nowDownload now

When looking at the above comparison table between GeneratePress free and paid versions you get an overview of what features are present in free vs paid.

If you are using the free version of GeneratePress then your are been missing out on many features that would enhance your website.

when you initially download your theme the look of the theme would be blank with a very basic structure.

GeneratePress Review 2022: Buildandshine

This is the basic theme which looks something very normal in design and structure. The most important thing is how you customize it.

But don’t have to worry you have a pre-built Site Library, Where you can choose your templates according to your requirements.

You can have a look at my website the way I have been customizing it with the help of different elements and plugins. But it all depends on how you present.

Let’s have a brief look at the GeneratePress theme features.

Amazing features of GeneratePress theme:-

  • Variety of Customization Options
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Seo optimized theme
  • Mobile-friendly responsive theme
  • Pre-Made Templates

1. Variety of Customization Options

You can customize your website with different elements available to design the page of your site. It’s that simple and easy to give a cool structure to your website.

Depending upon your requirements and the style you wanna give to your website.

The free version gives a normal look to your website but when you shift to the paid version of this theme you have plenty of customization options to explore around and make your site classy.

Let’s say if you wanna customize your main layout section then you have to go to layout and then edit the different elements like:

  • Header – Change the header according to the style you need
  • Navigation – You have two different navigation options, including sticky menus to use
  • Blog post layout – different things like featured image, content, and more.
  • Sidebar layout – Edit the sidebar and have one or two of it
  • Footer layout – To change or edit your footer.

In the same way, you can explore and edit your Typography and Colors section and give a proper design to your website.

2. Fast Loading Speed

One of the coolest features of GeneratePress is that its loading speed is lightning fast than any theme on WordPress.

Let me show you my website speed test using the GeneratePress theme.

I have used a few tools to check the page speed and theme for the website.

  • GeneratePress Premium
  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • GTMetrix – Server location: Vancouver, Canada

Well, that’s impressive and not bad enough !! Hahaha

It’s a really powerful theme I have come across and used for a long time on my website.

As you saw in the above image, where the speed of my website loads quickly and fast.

GeneratePress theme is mostly well-known for its speed, functionality, and user experience. 

3. SEO Optimized Theme

SEO plays an important role in ranking your website and getting traffic to your site and having an SEO-optimized theme is a must.

The total size of this theme is around 30 KB which is excellent, It helps in loading the site quickly and efficiently.

This is the smallest theme compared with other themes of WordPress would be around 200 KB or even 1 MB depending on the way of coding the theme.

Although this theme is super fast in loading it enhances your website in better ranking.

4. Mobile-friendly Responsive

The next feature of this theme is mobile-friendly. It plays a very important role in making your website clean and attractive. If the theme is not 100% mobile-friendly it would be very difficult to rank pages on google.

You won’t be able to index your website on the Google search console if the theme is not mobile-friendly.

5. Pre-Made Templates

This feature makes your customizing process easy and quick with given pre-made templates of different categories.

You can design according to the category you choose and opt to select a starter template and customize it according to your requirement.

GeneratePress Site library

Site library is an amazing feature by GeneratePress theme where you get different premade templates for your category.

With Using the GeneratePress Site Library feature, you can import the ready-made designed website layout to your website.

Design the way you want to style your website.

There are more than 80+ templates to look around your niche and customize according to your creativity.

Build your website with Namecheap!

GeneratePress Elements

GeneratePress elements are a cool feature of the GeneratePress theme they can do a lot for your website and play a vital role in constructing your site.

By using GeneratePress elements you can add a specific code to your footer section, header, or any other part of the website.

You can also customize your specific page, post, or any part of your website by using these GeneratePress elements to your site.

The best part of this GeneratePress element is you can add custom code to your website without using any plugin, which helps in loading your website quickly and fast.

In GeneratePress elements, there are 4 different elements modules you can opt to create for your website.

  • Block Element
  • Header
  • Hook
  • Layout

Let me elaborate on these four elements step by step:-

  • Block Element: This element lets you create block elements for the header, footer, and sidebar of your website.

You can choose a specific location of the block element on different pages and post it on your website according to your requirements.

Look at the video for a better understanding of block element

  • Header Element:- You can use the header element to add a specific header of your custom design to the pages, posts, or any page of your website.

Look at the video for a better understanding of the header element

  • Hook Element: You can add custom hooks to your website in different locations. Hooks let you add code of PHP or javascript to the website without adding anything to pages.
  • With the help of GeneratePress Hook Element, you don’t have to download any extra plugins to add custom code to your website. This is an amazing feature by GeneratePress.

Look at the video for a better understanding of the hook element

  • Layout Element: The block elements let you show or hide the specific page elements of your website.
  • You can add different layout elements to your website with this feature.
  • You can show or hide the footer or header of a specific page using this feature.

Look at the video for a better understanding of the hook element

GeneratePress sections

GeneratePress section is a stunning feature that lets you design your homepage with cool & simple styling. It acts as a mini page builder for your website.

You can design like a page builder using these GeneratePress sections.

If you want to use this feature you should upgrade to the premium version of GeneratePress

GeneratePress has a plugin called  GenerateBlocks. Where you can customize your website using this plugin.

As I have customized my website Buildandshine using GenerateBlocks and Gutenberg plugins for building the main home page.

Scroll to top

As you know the most important thing is the User experience how the user interacts and stays long on your website usually creates a good impact on Google.

GeneratePress has a function – Scroll to Top button. You can see this button at the bottom of every page on the website when you scroll down. By clicking it, you can instantly scroll to the top of the page. I found it a very useful feature. And so will your readers.

Multiple customization options

Customization is the most important factor in styling our website.

You can customize your blog according to your requirement and the niche you choose.

You can change anything inside this customizer section and make your website more attractive and classy.

You have different elements in this customizer section

  1. Site identity
  2. Layout
  3. Colors
  4. Typography
  5. Background Images
  6. General
  7. Menus
  8. Widgets
  9. Homepage settings
  10. Additional CSS

As in each of the customizer settings mentioned above, Have a whole new level of those settings and you can customize accordingly.

GeneratePress Pricing

Well, talking about its pricing, the GeneratePress comes with a basic free theme with very few functionalities to explore.

If you want to start your blogging journey professionally and for long-term aspects then I would highly recommend do purchase the premium addon of GeneratePress theme.

Which enables the theme with amazing functionalities.

  • Site Library: You can Import different pre-made templates for your website.
  • A vast variety of color and typography options
  • Elements: Create your own custom blocks without the need to know cod
  • Secondary navigation available
  • WooCommerce: Build your amazing online e-commerce store
  • Menu Plus: Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, etc.
  • Complete layout control customization
  • Multiple blogs feature to take full control of your blogging journey
  • Multiple widget options
  • Editable Copyright Set your own copyright text for your website

GeneratePress Premium theme has two pricing plans. Both the plans have the same features in functionalities but the main difference is the price.

Yearly plan and Lifetime plan:-

GeneratePress Theme

Yearly plan

  • Price – $59
  • Yearly Payment
  • Renews at a 40% Discount
  • Up to 500 websites
  • One Year Support

The yearly plan renews at a 40% discount every year.

The lifetime plan is priced at $249 – the one-time payment you get the license to use it on up to 500 websites.

GeneratePress Theme

Lifetime Plan

  • Price – $249
  • One time Payment
  • Lifetime Validity
  • Up to 500 websites
  • Lifetime Support

If you purchase the yearly plan of GeneratePress Premium theme, then you’ll get 1 year of updates, and support, and you will get a 40% renewal discount every time you renew your license.

And it goes on like in upcoming years.

If you purchase the lifetime plan, then you will get Support, and future updates for the lifetime, with no need for license renewals.

Pro and Cons


  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Variety of Customization Options
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Pre-Made Templates
  • Multipurpose theme
  • Lots of customization options
  • Woocommerce Compatible
  • Good Support


  • Don’t use the free version theme
  • Add extra elements or plugins

How to Install GeneratePress Premium

Step 1: Wanna purchase GeneratePress Premium Click Here

Step 2: After you click the link above you will be taken to the Official GeneratePress Premium website.

Step 3: Purchase the GeneratePress Premium addon

Step 4: After Purchasing, Now you will receive an email from The GeneratePress containing your details and a license key.

Step 4: After you’ve gotten your license key, Log in to your GeneratePress account

Step 5: In your GeneratePress account, download the plugin

Step 6: Save the file to your laptop or pc

Step 7: Now Log in to your WordPress dashboard

Step 8: Now Install the GeneratePress Premium addon on your WordPress Plugins Area.

Step 9: After installing the plugin, Now add the license key GeneratePress Dashboard

After installing and following the steps mentioned above, Congratulations you have successfully Activated GeneratePress Premium Theme.


FAQ About GeneratePress


GeneratePress is one of the finest themes for scaling your website speed and for better ranking.

As page speed matters a lot and plays a vital role in ranking your website.

We have given our honest review on the GeneratePress Premium theme

Hope you enjoyed our GeneratePress review

Do read the article carefully. If you have any doubt do ask me. You can Comment down below

Do share this article if you find it useful. Your every share matters to us a lot.

Thank you, Keep Shining😍

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