How To Install WordPress on Hostinger? Best Guide 2022

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Do you want to know how to install WordPress in Hostinger? If you are feeling hard in setting up WordPress in Hostinger, don’t worry will be guiding you step by step on how to install WordPress on Hostinger with straightforward and basic steps.

Hostinger is an affordable and cheap web hosting provider whose prices range from $0.99 Only for all beginners. Who’s entering the world of blogging and Digital Marketing it would be a great deal for them at the initial level with Hostinger.

As you can easily integrate your domain and install WordPress on Hostinger. 

In this article, I will be showing you how to create an Hostinger account and install WordPress in Hostinger with just a few clicks.

Install WordPress on Hostinger

Well, before I get into how to install WordPress in Hostinger the very first step is to get a web hosting and create your account so that you can get going and install WordPress in it.

If you have already purchased a web hosting plan for yourself, then you would directly go to step 6 and install WordPress in Hostinger.

If you are a beginner then you would start by following our step-step guide.

So here we go!



  • Affordable Price
  • Free SSL and Domain
  • Easy to navigate HPanel
  • Fast loading

Step 1: Visit Hostinger

The very first step is to visit Hostinger, simply click here and choose affordable web hosting for your website.

Step 2: Select Your Web Hosting

Now you have to select your web hosting plans so that you can install WordPress.

Hostinger offers different web hosting plans like Shared, Cloud, VPS, and WordPress Hosting.

You can choose according to your preference and start your blogging journey.

There is a various range of hosting available. You can choose any of the hosting according to your requirements and get going.

I would choose shared hosting for newbies to start with a small amount.

Step 3: Choose Hosting Plan

Now let’s choose a web hosting that is more affordable and efficient.

After you click on web hosting, you will be shown Hostinger hosting pricing and plans which are as follow.

Step 4: Choose a Hosting Period

After you select your web hosting, now you have to choose your hosting period for your website and kickstart your blogging journey.

You can choose your web hosting plan period according to your requirement, there are four options available. You can choose 1 month, 1 year, 2 years or for 4 years.

Step 5: Create Your Account 

After you choose your web hosting plan period, Now you have to create your account by just providing your email address or you can add it up with your existing Gmail account.

Step 6: Payment and Checkout

This is the final step in the process and gets started with installing WordPress on your Hostinger account.

There are different payments option to opt with and buy your hosting. You can choose Credit Card, PayPal, PayTm, Google Pay, CoinGate, NetBanking, and Hostinger balance.

So, that was it for getting a hosting and starting your blogging journey.

Now comes the main step is to install WordPress on Hostinger hosting account.

Step 7: Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account

After successfully purchasing the hosting now we have to install WordPress on your hosting account and finally good to go and kick start your blog.

As it is very easy to install WordPress on Hostinger because it has an auto-installer that can quickly do installing of WordPress and get us going with our blog.

  1. Log in to hPanel by simply visit

Quickly login in with the credentials that you just created for yourself, which also refers to the email you received from Hostinger after the purchase of hosting.

After you log in to your dashboard would something be like this

hostinger - build and shine

Find the Website section under your hosting account for the website you wish to install WordPress on.

Install WordPress from Auto Installer

You will find Auto Installer. Click on it.

After you install the Auto-installer on your account will be redirected to a different web page where you’ll find various other CMS options including WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and Others.

  • Now you will select WordPress click on it and install it on your server
  • After this, you will need to add your domain (URL) to the website for which you want to install WordPress on your server.
  • Now You’ll be asked to enter your admin username, password, and email.
  • Enter it, and click Install.

So WordPress will be installed on your Hostinger account.

If you want to check the Auto Installer – Check-in Installed Applications

After successfully installing the WordPress you will receive an email with the WordPress login link. Simply just click on that link to login into your WordPress dashboard.

To open your website: simply locate domainname/wp-admin and start customizing your website.

We are finally done installing WordPress on Hostinger with a few steps. As I mentioned to you it’s a quick and easy process giving a few minutes of time would do your work and get started with your blog.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source (CMS)content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. 

WordPress was initially released in 2003. It supports multiple operating systems such as Unix-like, Windows, and Linux.

What Makes WordPress So Famous?

Let me show you some of the reasons why WordPress is the best and most famous CMS on the internet World.

1. WordPress is free

The cool thing about WordPress is that it’s totally free and that’s really amazing. Everybody can use this platform for free but you need hosting to configure WordPress.

2. Ease Of Use

WordPress is very easy to use and customize your blog according to your requirements without writing a single line of code.

3. Scheduling Your Post: 

You can create your post and set it to a particular time you want the article to be published.

4. Plugins

WordPress, has over 55,000 plugins on the WordPress Plugin Directory, with many new options added daily.

5. Amazing Support

WordPress has got a variety of support to help you get the most out of WordPress.

WordPress is the best CMS available on the internet with amazing features to explore around. If you want more features simply visit: WordPress Features.


So Ready to Install WordPress in Hostinger:-

The amazing thing about Hostinger is its price is very affordable and very easy to customize or edit the files.

We have tried our best to explain the concept of How To Install WordPress in Hostinger.

You can now practically Install WordPress in Hostinger

Do read the article carefully. If you have any doubt do ask me. You can Comment down below.

Do share this article if you find it useful. Your every share matters to us a lot.

Thank you, Keep Shining😍

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