how to uninstall WordPress in hostinger Best Guide 2022

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Are you looking to Uninstall WordPress from Hostinger? If so then you are at the very right place.

Before you uninstall WordPress in Hostinger make sure you take your website backup for your safety.

How to uninstall WordPress in Hostinger with simple steps.

How to uninstall WordPress from Hostinger

As Hostinger made it simple and easy to uninstall WordPress.  Will go through one of the easiest ways to uninstall WordPress from hpanel of Hostinger.

Lets Go:-

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Steps of uninstalling WordPress from Hostinger?

1. Simply, Login to  your Hpanel

2. Go to Hosting Section

3. Now, You need to Select the website to uninstall WordPress (Click on Manage)

4. After that scroll down under the website section you will find Auto Installer

5. After you click Auto Installer then you find the domain list that you have connected to Hostinger.

6. You will find your website’s URL. Then click on the 3 dots that are on the right-hand side of the website URL. Then click on Delete. A pop-up will be shown with checkboxes.

  • Delete Application
  • Delete installation files
  • Delete Database

    There are three options available

    If you just want to delete the WordPress Application then Select Delete Application.

    2. If you want to delete the Application as well as Database then Check the boxes delete the application and Delete Database.

    3. If you also want to completely delete other installation files, then check also delete installation files box.

    So by doing this, you will completely delete WordPress from your website.

    After deleting the WordPress You will see the message“WordPress Application  was uninstalled successfully.”


    You can follow the simple steps to uninstall WordPress in Hostinger.

    It has made it easy to uninstall WordPress in Hostinger.

    We have helped you how to uninstall WordPress in Hostinger.

    We have tried our best to explain How to uninstall WordPress in Hostinger.

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