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Hello everyone, how are you doing! welcome to Build and Shine, In this article we are going to talk about best free platforms for blogging and starting your journey of blogging quickly .

As a newbie it’s really complicated Starting with your blog and knowing about blogging, this free platforms will save your money but for that you got to invest your time to know all about blogging strategies concept . All the platforms which I’am going to tell are personally used and experienced , when I started my journey of blogging everyone has a learning stage initially you got to keep on learning and keep on growing as it moves on .

So here are the best 5 platforms for blogging and starting your journey as soon as possible .

Best free blog sites to consider in 2022

Here are the best free blogging sites you can use to start your own blog today:

1) Wix

The first free blogging platform is Wix , Its very easy to use and very beginner-friendly, You just have to drag-and-drop website builder. This web editor tool allows you to drop elements anywhere you want on any Webpage.

Well, To Establish your Wix blog, Its very simple just sign up and make a choice: you can either let the Wix ADI create a site for you based on a questionnaire or you can develop your blog yourself – which includes selecting a template and arranging the layouts via the WYSIWYG editor. If you go with the second option, all you need to do is to find a beautiful template and start customizing everything on the front-end, in a live preview mode.

You can choose and add multiple elements to your webpages, from multimedia widgets to backgrounds, menus, typography, forms, video boxes etc. When your done with the site customization, click Publish and start blogging and sharing your content.

As you can see I have created a demo blog on Wix for my blog buildandshine.Com. Its that simple and easy to create blog on wix and start blogging .

Check the image :

2. Blogger :- - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It's easy and free.

Blogger is one of the oldest and the finest best free platform for newbies out there . Its totally free and hosted by Google itself so you don’t have to worry about any kind of hosting issues you can freely and peacefully write your content with the different themes available on blogger. It has variety of themes collection and you can also use the custom theme with it .

As Multiple free themes are available or you can try the free themes on blogger itself there are a variety of options available it’s your choice what you are looking for this is the best platform for the newbies who is entering the world of blogging and knowing what the blogging is all about . I personally recommend and I still use this lovely platform for my static and micro niche sites .

It’s very efficient and fast loading as it’s hosted on Google but make sure you provide valuable content out there . It has simple appearance options, so the focus stays more on the writing part. A nice part about this blogger platform is that it comes with ad spaces that you can place within your content pieces.

3. WordPress.Com

So the is basically free platform for the personal and the portfolio sites. As learning stage you can do try and on the other hand which is is the main king of blogging CMS – Content management system but you need an hosting to host your WordPress website . As WordPress software is free but needs hosting and a domain.

If you want to start your blog on WordPress which requires hosting setup of your blog theme selection customisation of your blog it’s very easy to develop your website .

How to start a blog

Because you’re hosting the WordPress software yourself, you have full control over how your site looks and functions, as well as how you make money from your website.

4.  Medium 

Medium is an American online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation.

Medium is multi purpose content publishing platform for blogging and sharing your knowledge on different concepts and strategies .

It has an huge reader base around 50 to 60 million where your website can get good response if its useful and valuable. But the disadvantage is that all your content is on Medium. That is, you’re not really building your own “space” like you would with WordPress. As for learning process its really fine .

5. Weebly

Tutorial: How to Create Your First Site with Weebly - WHSR

Weebly is an website builder that you can use not only to write articles but also to sell products or showcase your portfolio.

As it’s similar to Wix with editor of your choice and the other one is of question answer me you can answer the questions regarding what your website wants and what you’re website looks theme customisation all this can be done through questioning. On the other hand you have the option of do it yourself . You can simply drag it to the page and customize it.

The platform comes with built-in analytics and lets you use your own customized domain , You need to pay for that.

As on the free plan, you get five custom pages, a Weebly subdomain, 500MB storage, and ad spaces.

So this where the Best 5 free blogging platforms in 2022 . You can try and start your blogging Journey.

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